US Navy Ship Coins and Pin Collection

US Navy Ship Coins and Pin Collection

Get Navy Ship Challenge Coins from US Troop Gear

US Troop Gear is proud to offer a wide range of Navy ship challenge coins. Whether you are still on active duty or retired, you can show your commitment to honor, duty, and country through any of the challenge coins we have to offer. We provide a large selection of high-quality challenge coins that are officially licensed by the US Navy.
The Navy has lots of traditions, and one of them owns a challenge coin. A challenge coin is a small token or medallion that shows a person is a member of the Navy. While there are some civilians who also possess Navy ship challenge coins, they still remain a mystery for majority of the population who didn’t serve in the Navy.
Navy men also have a tradition of challenging, wherein a challenger draws one’s coin, and placing it on the table. Everyone present must produce the coin of their organization or else one will buy a round for everyone. However, if everyone challenged was able to produce the coin, then the challenger needs to buy around for the group.
Most Navy ship challenge coins are around 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter and around 1/10 inch thick. However, their sizes and styles do vary. Each ship of the Navy has its own challenge coin, which include the USS Abraham Lincoln, USS Bonhomme Richard, and the USS Boxer, just to name a few. The coins are made of bronze alloy with nickel finish, as well as high definition graphics that make the coins an ideal collection item.
Origins of Navy Ship Challenge Coins
There’s no definitive story of how and why the tradition of challenge coins started. However, one thing is clear and that it goes back farther than the modern era. One of the earliest known examples of a soldier rewarded for valor happened in Ancient Rome. During that time, the soldier will get one’s pay and a separate coin as bonus. It was said that the coin was minted with a mark of the legion from where it came from. Some men hold on to the coin as memento, instead of spending it.
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